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Why We are Best in Industrial Investment - Our Story

Alburjussia is a privately owned industrial investment company proudly serving in Iraq. We specialize in supplying oil companies with all supplies for drilling oil wells. Also, we provide a central laboratory to ensure the quality of the materials that we manufacture.

Supplying Barite and Bentonite

Al-Burjussia Company supplies public and private companies...

Supplying Liquid Nitrogen

Al-Burjussia Company supplies public and private companies...

Toll Blending & Laboratory Equipment

Al-Burjussia Chemicals Toll Blending Plant ( Under...

Oil Wells Drilling Fluids (caustic soda)

Al-Burjussia Company supplies public and private companies...

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Excellent services despite challenges during work, remote monitoring was done in an excellent manner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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01.How can we start a project?

After we have all your requirements, we start analyzing your project needs and identification of the various team members to be involved create an actionable, systematic, and logical plan. The final step is to get working on your project and monitor it continuously throughout the process using a project management tool.

02.When to consult for our services?

Our consultants provide management consulting to help organizations improve their performance and efficiency. Our professionals analyze businesses and create solutions while also helping companies meet their goals.